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Well & Pump Service in Muskoka

Curtis Well & Pump Service

Installations, Repairs, and Upgrades

Fully insured, and licensed by the Ministry of Environment, we offer full service and repair on drilled wells, dug wells, & lake systems, with 20 years in the industry in Muskoka & the surrounding area.

Some simple upgrades and regular servicing can ensure dependable water delivery and eliminate potential contamination.

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We don't just offer Well & Pump service.  Here are some of our other related services:


Your casing is the barrier keeping contaminants from your well.  If your exposed well casing is too short or below grade in a well pit for example, it is vulnerable to surface contaminants such as animals and insects, fertilizers, fecal matter, etc.  Landscaping work may compromise the required casing height above grade.  Therefore it is advisable to have a casing extension to maintain a safe height.


If you’re considering buying a property with an existing well, or concerned about your current well’s performance, we can provide you with an accurate flow rate assessment which will determine the appropriate delivery system to meet your needs.


Water systems too often are ignored… until there is no water.  A simple, regular maintenance schedule will ensure peace-of-mind and avoid costly repairs.  Ask us about our free Initial Full Water System Inspection in which the well-head, pump and delivery systems are assessed.


Constant Pressure Systems are a newer technology that are rapidly gaining popularity.  They reduce your power consumption costs as they cause the pump speed to respond only to your water consumption demands.  Also they eliminate pressure drops due to multiple simultaneous household demands. (No loss of power in the shower!)


We can install a lake system for domestic use and protect your family with UV and filtration equipment.  As well, a lake system is ideal for irrigation as it provides an unlimited supply of water and will not place undue demand upon your well.  The water is warmer and nutrient- rich to enhance your landscaping results.


Adequate frost coverage is sometimes difficult to attain over water lines.  Therefore we offer line thawing services and heat line installation.

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Cindy WatersCindy Waters
04:15 02 Mar 23
We had trouble with the pump in our well and it needed to be pulled out and serviced. Gord Curtis came to our aid quickly. He had an amazing piece of equipment that he designed to make the job simple and quick. He explained everything he needed to do and gave us an estimate.Turned out the pump wasn’t properly secured inside the casing which he fixed. He told us how we should maintain the well and monitor our water quality.If you are not on municipal water service, you should probably have Gord put you on his schedule to check and maintain your water system at least annually.We recommend him very highly.Dan and Cindy Waters
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